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The hidden price for free DV certificates

Everything is chargeable, including free domain validated (DV) certificates. In exchange for CHF / EUR 0.00, you will exchange your time and technical know-how along with valuable additional functions that only a commercial DV certificate can offer.

Why do you get a certificate for free?

Here are the top three reasons why everyone, from bloggers to entrepreneurs, needs SSL on their website.

  • Security:Includes encryption between website visitors and your website
  • Trust:Website visitors are more likely to get involved if they have confidence in your brand
  • MarketingIncludes improved rankings on Google and other search engines

These three reasons are important to keep an eye on the decision between free and commercial DV certificates. Keep in mind that your future brand credibility will depend on all three of the above when we look at the benefits of each option.

Advantages of free DV SSL certificates

Free. It is hard to believe that free SSL certificates also bring the added value you expect. It does not mean that you do not pay in any other way, such as B. time for renewals or scripts, lack of functionality and other security functions.

Fast. Since the only necessary check for your control of the domain name is required, the free DV certificate is usually issued quickly, provided you have the option of receiving e-mails at specially specified addresses, changing your DNS or opening special files To place your website for the validation process.

Nobody loses anything; there is no “skin in the game.”

Article by John Horst, CISSP® - ISSAP®, NQV

Advantages of commercial DV-SSL certificates

Installation and support. Commercial DV certificates are supplied with technical and practical installation support. That means you don't have to figure out terms like CSR, private keys, root certificates, and many others. With expert access, you can quickly deploy SSL to your website or application. If you experience any problems, contact a support team to guide you through the process.

Trustmark. Commercial DV certificates offer you a level of public trust called the trust seal. Seals of trust offer your website visitors more than a lock symbol in their browser by promoting that you are using a reputable company for website security. A / B split tests have shown a sales increase of up to 42% when using trust seals.

Warranty. Commercial DV certificates have guarantees that protect website owners from business losses. For just a few dollars a month, website owners reduce liability and protect themselves against financial losses caused by errors or problems related to SSL encryption.

Longer lifespan. Commercial DV certificates can be purchased for a year or two, so you spend less time ordering and providing certificates. Who would like to generate a CSR every 90 days and reinstall a free DV certificate?

Affordable protection. Commercial DV-SSL certificates offer for only EUR 0.24 dollars [1] per day the certainty, support, trust of website visitors, guarantees and encryption so that your website visitors can trade comfortably on the Internet.

Commercially secured. Commercial DV certificates are managed by for-profit companies with teams of security researchers, proven support and protocols to ensure reliable and reliable service. You have a legitimate interest in ensuring that both your certificate and the systems that manage it are legitimate entities.

Certificate management tools. With commercial DV certificates, you can reissue, revoke and manage your SSL certificates via a web interface. This means that you don't need any command line or API knowledge to perform basic tasks (since you are using free DV certificates).

PCI scan. An additional bonus when choosing a Sectigo DV certificate is that these certificates include a 45-day trial version of the Sectigo PCI scan service. This tool is vital for ecommerce websites so they can meet the needs of the credit card industry.

Let's do a quick comparison between a free DV certificate and a commercial DV certificate.

life span 90 days 1 to 2 years
warranty no Yes
trust logo no Yes
Installation and support no Yes
Cert Management Tools command line Web Interface
Supported by Donation Reliable earnings
costs your time $ 0.24 a day

A free DV certificate has a visible cost advantage in the short term, but has a hidden price. Adding SSL is the right step for any website, blog, or shopping cart. Choosing the right option for your DV certificate will affect your reputation, conversion rate, time, and the security of your website. Nobody can say that after looking at the table above, safe and free actually don't go hand in hand.