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Secorio is an Affiliated Partner of Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) that operates one of the world’s largest and fastest growing Certification Authority Infrastructures with the highest standards as evidenced by annual KPMG audits. Secorio furthermore has the privileged status of a Registration Authority (RA) within Sectigo enabling us to authenticate and issue certificates.




Secorio offers state-of-the-art IT security products. All our products can be adapted to your company’s needs for online security – no matter your size and industry. Our portfolio does among other things include all types of SSL-certificates such as the new Extended Validation certificates, Wildcard certificates and SGC-enabled SSL-certificates, as well as flexible solutions for reselling certificates and for managing multiple certificates. We also offer S/MIME email-certificates and Code Signing certificates.




Secorio cooperates with all kinds of companies with the main focus on companies in the EU, Switzerland and Norway. Our customers are not only companies implementing our solutions, but also IT-companies reselling our products.


We regard our customers as partners and aim at developing mutually beneficial partnerships.




We aim at turning our customers’ online business secure and trustworthy – and consequently more successful.




It is difficult to find good sales people, but perhaps you are one of them?


For the moment being, we have no vacant positions, but we are always interested in receiving applications from persons with experience in Sales and IT.


You are more than welcome to send an unsolicited application to Caroline Skov at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you are interested in working together with a young and dynamic team in an exciting business with great potentials for personal and professional development.


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