Add your company name to the browser interface in the brand address bar enabled by EV SSL. Increase user confidence and transaction rates by showing your identity online.

EV SSL certificates are the most trusted SSL certificates

Before issuing an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate, the Certification Authority must conduct a series of checks.

Aufgrund dieses strengen und standardisierten Validierungsprozesses signalisieren beliebte Browser wie Safari und Microsoft Edge, dass dieses Zertifikat sicher und besonders vertrauenswürdig ist. Dies erfolgt mittels zusätzlichen Sicherheitsindikatoren, darunter die «Markenadressleiste», die den überprüften Markennamen des Unternehmens enthält, das diese Website neben der URL oben auf der Website betreibt Browser-Oberfläche. Der Firmenname in der Marken-Adressleiste gibt an, dass die Identität dieses Website-Betreibers vertrauenswürdig ist, und zeigt die spezifische Identität des Unternehmens an, das die Website betreibt.

*Fulfill Standards And Regulations Of The GDPR

EV SSL provides the strongest protection that an SSL certificate can offer, and meets many standards and regulations for online businesses such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR and others

*Increase The Transactions On The Website

Use the green address bar to increase transactions, form completion, new user sign-ups, and engagement. When Internet users see the green address bar, 50% tend to make a financial transaction and 37% make a purchase.

*Protect Your Visitors From Phishing Attacks

Give your customers additional security by clearly showing your company name in the browser interface, so they know it is your website, not a scam.

*Show Your Customers That Security Is Of High Value To You

EV SSL Certificates informs your customers that you are using the best security measures to ensure the security of their transactions. More than 50% of website visitors believe that having the green address bar online means it can be trusted and is secure.

Secorio Extended Validation Certificates

Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) Certificates offer visitors the highest level of security and trustworthiness. According to the Guidelines of the CA / Browser Forum additional documentation must be provided and validated to issue an EV certificate. Companies that qualify for EV SSL enjoy increased visitor confidence.

The EV SSL certificates tell the visitor:

  • The company has undergone extensive validation to ensure that the organization exists and operates.
  • The company has control over the domain specified in the EV certificate.
  • The company has agreed that the certificate is issued.
  • The company is not on any government blacklist, or located in any country subject to export restrictions.

As described in the guidelines (see link above), a fully validated EV certificate displays the name of the company or organization in the address bar itself (often shown in green).

Please note that a minority of browsers may not display the company name. Use a browser that supports EV for your important transactions.

The EnterpriseSSL Pro EV Certificates Are The SSL Certificate With The Highest Level Of Security Available, And Are Subject To The Strictest And Most Proven Validation Methods That Best Ensure Website Legitimacy. The Presence Of An EV-SSL Certificate Triggers Highly Visible Trust Indicators In All Popular Desktop Browsers. This Will Increase Transactions And Use Of Other Websites, Protect Users From Phishing Attacks, Improve The Online Brand Experience, And Meet Compliance Requirements.

Comparison Between Physical And Digital World
In The Real World We Have The Opportunity To Touch The Goods In A Shop, To Look At The Surroundings And To Talk To The Salesmen. So All Of Our Senses Are Helping To Get An Idea Of ​​Whether The Store Is A Serious Store We Want To Do Business With. On The Internet, On The Other Hand, It Can Be Very Difficult To Judge The Seriousness Of An E-Shop, Because The Shop Is Not Physical As In The Real World, Or Does Not Exist. This Can Create Uncertainty Among Consumers.
Umfragen Zeigten, Dass 64% Der Deutschen Online-Käufer Einen Kauf Abgebrochen Haben, Weil Sie Sich Nicht Sicher Fühlten (TNS Research 08/06). Ferner Sagten Im Jahre 2005 84% Der Befragten In Einer Umfrage Von Forrester Research, Dass Sie Nicht Denken, Dass Die Geschäfte Im Internet Genug Tun, Um Ihre Kunden Zu Schützen (Lauri Giesen IN Internet Retailer, März 2006: «Hand-Holding: Fraud-Weary Consumers Look For The Seal Of Approval»). Tatsächlich Gaben 24% Der Teilnehmer Auch An, Dass Sie Gar Nicht Im Internet Einkaufen, Weil Sie Sich Nicht Sicher Fühlen (Ibid). Such Results Makes It Clear How Important It Is That Visitors To An Online Shop Gain Confidence In The Website. Because Visitors With A Stronger Trust Are More Willing To Take An Action Such As A Purchase, A Registration Etc. When Customers See The Highly Visible Green Address Bar, They Immediately Know That It's Safe To Submit Data Here, And That The Company Behind It Exists. This Means That Customers Feel Safer And Have More Confidence In The Website, And Therefore The Chances Of Buying Something, Entering An E-Mail Address Etc. Increases.
EV SSL Can Lead To Competitive Advantages. If Your Competitor Has An EV SSL Certificate, You Should Also Use A Certificate. If Your Competitors Do Not Yet Use An EV SSL Certificate, It May Be Worth Setting New Standards For Internet Security.
Indeed, Research Shows That An EV SSL Certificate With The Green Address Bar Converts Visitors To Customers More Frequently, Minimizes The Number Of Abandoned Sales, Increases The Average Selling Price, And Increases Customer Satisfaction.

  • 57% Of People Are More Willing To Submit Personal Data
  • 50% Are More Willing To Make Financial Transactions
  • 43% Tend To Open A New Account
  • 38% Are More Willing To Fill In And Submit An Online Form
  • 37% Are More Willing To Make Purchases

The Basics Of EV SSL Validation Are Performing The Following Checks:

  • The Legal Name Is Correct And The Status Of The Organization Is Active
  • Trade Name Of The Organization/DBA (Doing Business As), If Applicable
  • The Company Has A Physical Address And A Phone Number
  • The Company Or Organization Has Control Over The Domain(S) Listed In The Certificate
  • Authenticity Of The Subscriber Agreement. The Company Allows The Issuance Of The EV SSL

Tips For Providing Organization Details For An EV SSL Certificate:

  • Verwenden Sie Den Gesetzlich Registrierten Namen Der Organisation. Geben Sie Nicht Den Handelsnamen / DBA («Doing Business As») Als Rechtlichen Namen Des Unternehmens Ein
  • A Trade Name With The Valid Name Can Be Specified On The Certificate. The Trade Name/DBA ("Doing Business As") Must Be Registered With A Government Agency
  • Use The Address Where The Organization Does Business. Do Not Use A Mailbox, Post Office Billing / Forwarding, Virtual Office Address Maintenance Or A Registered Agent Address

While Secorio Validates The Organization, You Can Expect The Following:

  • Check If You Have Control Over The Domain (S) Listed In The Certificate. There Are 3 Common Methods To Choose From: Domain Control Validation Email (DCV), CNAME Or HTTP (S) Method. More Information Can Be Found Here:  Alternative Methods For Checking Domain Control
  • Telephone Call Via The Main Number To The Signer Listed In The Subscriber Contract. This Ensures That The Signer Works In The Company
  • An E-Mail With Info About Additional Actions, If Required

Good To Know About Validation

  • One-Man Business And Some Partnerships Require The Review Of A Key Person In The Organization. Some Countries May Require Face-To-Face Validation. The Validation Specialist Will Contact You If This Document Is Needed
  • All EV SSL Certificates Must Include The Valid Company Name. When A Trade Name / DBA Is Verified, The Certificate Is Issued With The Trade Name And Valid Name In That Format.
  •  In The Case Of A One-Man Business, The Legal Name Is The Name Of The Owner / Principal
  • Use The Address Where The Organization Does Business. Do Not Use Mailbox, Care, Mail Stop / Forward, Virtual Office, Or A Registered Agent Address
  • Industry Guidelines Restrict The Types Of Third-Party Databases That Can Be Used For Validation. An Applicant-Controlled Site Can Not Be Used. Your Organization's Website Can Not Be Used
  • The Phone Call To Verify The Authenticity Of The Order And The Signer Listed In The Subscriber Agreement Can Not Be Sent To A Direct Telephone Number Or Mobile Phone Unless The Number Can Be Validated
  • If The Validation Specialist Can Not Verify Your Organization, You Will Be Contacted On How To Resolve The Outstanding Issues