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CSR creation help for Exchange 2013 SSL certificates

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If you already have an SSL certificate and only need to install it, read the Instructions for installing Exchange 2013 SSL

Many new changes were made in Exchange 2013. One of them is that the user interface is now accessible through a browser. Your installation of Exchange 2013 is made easier with our great step-by-step tutorial below.

Create your CSR with the New Exchange Certificate Wizard

  1. Access the Exchange Management Center by opening and accessing a browser https: // localhost / ecp navigieren
  2. Sign up with Domain \\ Benutzername as the format for the user name and enter your password.Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild
  3. Click the link to Servers in the left column, then click Certificates in the top right, and then click the on the icon.Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild
  4. The wizard for new exchange certificates is displayed in a pop-up window
  5. Wählen Sie «Anforderung eines Zertifikats von einer Zertifizierungsstelle erstellen».
    Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild
  6. In the Display name field, enter a name under which you can remember this certificate in the future.- This name is not an integral part of your certificate request.Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild
  7. You can select the check box and enter the root domain name when you generate the CSR for a placeholder. Otherwise, just go to the next screen.
    Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild
  8. Click Browse to choose which server you want to save the certificate request to.Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild
  9. If you are creating a wildcard certificate, skip this step. Select the services you want to run safely from the list using Ctrl + Click to highlight the services.
    Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes BildAuf dem nächsten Bildschirm können Sie eine Liste der Namen überprüfen, die Exchange 2013 für Ihre Zertifikatanforderung vorschlägt.—Überprüfen Sie diese Namen und fügen Sie zusätzliche Namen hinzu, indem Sie die Taste + verwenden.Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild
  10. Your organization name should be the full legal name of your company. — Your department name is your department within the organization.- If you do not have a state, re-enter the city information.Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild
  11. Enter a network share path to save the CSR as a .req file on your computer, and then click Finish.Vom Benutzer hinzugefügtes Bild
  12. You should now be able to open the CSR with the editor or Wordpad, and you want to copy the entire text of this file into the online ordering process.
  13. After you have received your Secorio SSL certificate, you can install it.
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