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CSR creation in Plesk Server Administrator 7 (Panel 12+)

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  1. Log in to the Plesk 7 control panel.
  2. Select 'Domains' in the left menu.
  3. Go to the Websites & Domains tab in Control Panel. Click the Show More button to see the management options.

4. Click " Secure Your Sites ".
5. On the page that opens , click SSL Certificates on " SSL Certificate Add ".

6. Complete the information requested on the Add SSL Certificate page. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields. When you've filled out all the fields, click Request to generate the CSR.

Country: Select your country from the dropdown list.
State or Province : Provide the full name for your state or region. If not applicable, you can use your city instead.
City (City) : Enter the full name of your city or town.
Organization name (company) : Enter the legally registered name for your company. If not applicable, you can enter 'NA'.
Organizational department or department name : Enter the name of the department or department within the above organization.
Domain Name : Enter the fully qualified domain name for which SSL is to be activated (common name). The common name for wildcard certificates should be shown with an asterisk in front of the domain (*
Email : Enter your email address. The email address used for the CSR generation is not used to check the domain control or to receive the issued certificate.

7. You will receive a message informing you that the CSR has been successfully created. On this page, you can click the green arrow to download the CSR to your local computer or click " View Certificate " to view the encrypted CSR.

8. If you want, you can copy the CSR as text from the " Show certificate " page to your clipboard. Make sure you specify the lines that begin and end the request.

Reference Zertifizierungsstelle.74685 /

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