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CSR generation: Kemp (Load Balancer)

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As with all certificates, you must first create a public / private CSR key pair. The CSR should be passed Sectigo for signing and the private key remains on the server. Follow these steps to generate a CSR:

Step 1: generate your CSR key pair:

  1. Log on to your Kemp LoadMaster WUI.
  2. Select in the main menu of the LoadMaster WUI Certificates> SSL Certificates.
  3. In the Private Key Identifier field, enter a name for your private key.
  4. Click click Generate CSR

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5. Provide the following information:

  • Country Name : The two-letter code for your country. Example: US, DE
  • State or province (s): Specify the state fully. Do not abbreviate the state or province name, e.g. B .: California
  • City or City (L): The City field is the name of the city or city, for example: Berkeley.
  • Company : The primary legal name of your company. If your company or department has a &, @ or any other symbol with the Shift key in its name, you must spell or omit the symbol to register. Example: The XY & Z Corporation would be the XYZ Corporation or the XY & Z Corporation.
  • Organisation: This field is optional. However, can be used to identify certificates that are registered with an organization. The Organizational Unit (OU) field is the name of the department or organizational unit that made the request.
  • Common Name: Der Common Name ist der Host + Domain Name. Es sieht aus wie «» oder «».
  • SAN / UCC-Namen: Sie können andere Namen angeben, wenn Sie ein Multi-SAN-SSl-Zertifikat verwenden. Diese Option wird angezeigt, wenn Sie, usw. möchten.

Note: Even if you may specify SANs in this CSR, when you register for an SSL certificate, you must specify which additional SANs are involved.

6. Klicken Sie nach dem Ausfüllen der Informationen auf CSR erstellen .

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7. Kopieren Sie den Text Ihrer CSR aus der Kopf- / Fußzeile „Beginn“ und „Ende“. Sie müssen diese CSR einreichen, wenn Sie sich für Ihr SSL-Zertifikat bei Secorio registrieren.


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