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How do I register a new domain in the EPKI Manager?

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Step 1:

Set up a validated domain name in order to be able to issue company certificates -> if you use a free service such as @ / @ or @, company certificates via EPKI are not possible. This article shows you how to add domains to your existing EPKI account.

1. Klicken Sie auf den Link im Anmeldeformular, um den Domain-Registrierungsbildschirm zu öffnen
2. Geben Sie Ihre Domain in das Feld «Standort der Website» ein
3. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche «Website registrieren»
4. Comodo überprüft Ihr Eigentum an der Domain. Dies kann bis zu 2 Werktage dauern.
5. Nach Abschluss der Validierung ist die Domain in der Dropdown-Liste «Benutzerdetails» verfügbar.

Step 2: validation

Let us know via email ( which domain you want to use for the validation. Validation is possible via admin / administrator / webmaster / postmaster / Other domains such as info @ or personal addresses are not possible.

You will then receive an email containing a confirmation string. Reply to the email with this code and then wait a few hours. The validation process is edited and checked manually - so please be patient until the validation is complete.


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