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How to digitally sign an Adobe PDF document

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Open or create your document in Adobe Acrobat

There are tabs in the top left, click Extras

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Then select the option Certificates

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Click Digital Sign

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Draw a field with the mouse in which the signature should be displayed. A dialog box appears in which you can select Sign in as . Your digital ID will be displayed.

Choose your digital ID

Note: If you want to check the certificate details in the dialog box, simply click on Details Show .

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Click Next and click Sign

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You need to save the document, enter a name for your file, and click Save. A blue bar appears in the file at the top of the screen, indicating that the PDF file is signed.

Note: Acrobat specifies the first signature method that was selected as the standard method for signing. To delete digital IDs in Acrobat, choose Edit> Preferences> Signatures on the left side of the screen. Click More by Identities and Trusted Certificates. Select the appropriate digital ID. Click Remove ID. Confirm that you want to remove the digital ID> enter the password> click OK

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