What is a Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)?
 How can I test a UCC?
How do I order a UCC?
Where can I get further information?


What is a Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)?


If your organization uses an MS® Exchange 2007/2010 (Lync) or Office Communications Server 2007 environment, you can consolidate all of your certificate needs into a single UC Certificate and save money and time. Secure all your domains such as mail.yourdomain.com, autodiscover.yourdomain.com, exchange1.yourdomain.local, etc. with one UCC.

Using Unified Communications Certificates with your Exchange 2010 (Lync) Server or Office Communications Server 2007 maximizes the use of SSL certificates for client-server and server-server communications. Where a traditional Wildcard certificate could only cover one fully qualified domain, a UCC can actually cover multiple unique domains within a single certificate. With Subject Alternative Name (SAN) control, you can add, remove, or change names in your Unified Communications Certificate at any time. This vastly reduces the time and hassle spent configuring multiple certificates on all of your unique domains. Easily maintain a high level of security while saving money.


How can I test a UCC?


You can test a fully-functional UCC for a maximum of 30 days – free of charge. For such test, please follow the instructions on our order page.


How do I order a UCC?

Do you wish to order a Unified Communications Certificate, please visit our order page, or contact us, and we will guide you through the process.


Where can I get further information?


You can find further useful information about UCC in our Comodo CA’s UCC knowledgebase.

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