S/MIME Class 2 Email Certificates


The need for email to be secure, confidential and integral is a growing concern for almost every organization. Assuring customers of your identity is an essential factor for successful online business. S/MIME email certificates address this critical problem and provide the ability to secure and digitally sign emails and attachments using any popular mail client. The EPKI Manager provides convenient and secure access to your own web-based console to administer your S/MIME email certificates to employees and partners.


Secure your Enterprise’s Email Communcation Centrally and Cost Effectively


Email has become an essential and day to day means of communication. However, its inherent lack of security has resulted in being underdeveloped as a business tool. Worse still, many companies have found that highly sensitive documents and messages have been sent via email, risking their internal information by leaving it open for all to seoe.


Many high-profile coorporations around the world use Comodo Digital Certificates (S/MIME email- and SSL certificates) to protect their online data – ensuring that sensitive information remains private and secure during transmission.


Secure Email Communication via Email Clients (e.g. Microsoft® Outlook®)


S/MIME email certificates allow organizations to encrypt and secure their employee’s emails – ensuring that their confidential information cannot be intercepted and read in transit. S/MIME email certificates keep emails confidential and untampered until they reach the intended recipient, and are compatible with all major email clients (S/MIME compliant software).


Besides encryption S/MIME email certificates also offer the value of authentication: Digitally signed emails help assure customers of your email identity, leading to a higher confidence in who you are. Assuring customers of your identity is an essential factor for successful online business.


EPKI Manager for S/MIME Email- and SSL Certificates


When considering the implementation options for a digital certificate solution, a company will choose to opt either for an inhouse PKI model, or a fully managed outsourced model. Following the inhouse option there will occur enormous costs in time, management, legal fees, development and operational costs. To avoid such barriers for the widespread use of certificates within an organization, we offer the EPKI Manager - a web based console used to interface with the Comodo Certificate Authority.

Through the user-friendly interface you can issue digital certificates to web servers, internal servers, employees and partners, certificates that in turn represent the identities and credentials of their owner.


EPKI Manager Features & Benefits


  • Easy to use web based console - no extra software or hardware required
  • High availability 24/7 system
  • Immediately issue S/MIME email certificates to employees and partners
  • Immediately issue high quality, fully trusted SSL certificates
  • Create/manage sub-administrators and assign specific issuance and reporting permissions to them
  • Full reporting/certificate management
  • Wide certificate portfolio, including S/MIME, EV SSL, Multidomain SSL, Wildcard SSL, etc.
  • Open an EPKI Manager account in minutes


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Differences between Class 1 and Class 2 S/MIME Certificates


Secorio offers both Class 1 and Class 2 email certificates. Class 1 certificates only include the validation of the email address. These certificates thereby suit for private usage. With Class 2 certificates we validate that the email address exists, that the company listed exists, and that it owns the domain. Class 2 S/MIME certificates include the company name, making them more trustworthy than Class 1 certificates.


Email Certificates for Private Use (Class 1 S/MIME)


We offer free S/MIME certificates for private use. These Class 1 certificates allow sending digitally signed and encrypted emails and attachments.


Order your free personal S/MIME certificate here

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