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What is EPKI?
How does EPKI work?
What are the advantages of EPKI?
Who can use EPKI?
How can I test EPKI?
How do I order EPKI?
Where do I log into the EPKI Manager?
Where can I get further information?

What is EPKI?

EPKI, Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure Manager, is a managed solution allowing you to instantly issue fully authenticated SSL and Email Certificates in an easy, fast and cost effective way. If your organisation needs several SSL or Email Certificates now or in the future, it would be a good idea to consider easing the administration of these certificates with Secorio’s EPKI Manager. 

How does EPKI work?

EPKI is a webbased Managed Solution. After signing up for the program, you choose the amount for which you would like to purchase certificates. You decide yourself when you would like to issue the certificates, as the deposit does not expire. Furthermore, you will not have to decide upfront which certificates types you will use, as you can issue any SSL certificate and Class 2 S/MIME Email Certificate from our entire portfolio.

When ordering EPKI, you will register your organisation on our website. During this process you provide us with details about your organisation and the domains as well as contact details. Secorio then authenticates the information provided. Once authentication has been successfully completed, you will receive an e-mail with log-in information, and you are now ready to log on to the web based Control Center. In the Control Center you can revoke and issue fully authenticated certificates within minutes without contacting Secorio at any time.

In the Control Center it is also possible to apply for the addition of further domains whenever needed, to authorise additional administrators with different rights and to create reports.

What are the advantages of EPKI?


With the EPKI Manager from Secorio, you can instantly issue a wide range of certificates with one single interface. After placing an order, receive the fully authenticated certificate within minutes. 

Due to the flexible deposit system, you will not have to decide upfront which and how many certificates you would like to buy. You can choose between various SSL certificates from our broad portfolio, hereunder Extended Validation SSL, Wildcard SSL, Premium SGC SSL and Mobile SSL. Apart from SSL certificates you can also issue Class 2 S/MIME Email Certificates.

The prices of the certificates issued through the EPKI Manager depend on the deposit loaded, but in any case it is considerably cheaper issuing certificates with the EPKI Manager than purchasing single certificates. Furthermore, it is worth noticing that the deposit does not expire.

Multiple authentications are by the way not necessary; we only need to authenticate your organisation every second year. Your organisation itself can authorise additional administrators as necessary and delegate different user rights to other employees whenever needed. 

In addition to all this, you get a personal Account Manager what guarantees an effective communication and a high level of consultancy. First class technical support is also included (phone, e-mail, live chat and web). 

Who can use EPKI?

Companies or institutions that are looking to implement at least 2 SSL certificates and/or several email certificates can profit from the advantages of the EPKI Manager. In addition, the solution is also interesting for companies and institutions that are already in the position of a Managed Solution from another CA and that would like to realise savings of up to more than 55%.

How can I test EPKI?


You have the possibility to test the EPKI solution. Please contact us if you are interested in testing the solution or in letting an employee from Secorio demonstrate the solution to you.

How do I order EPKI?


Do you wish to order an EPKI solution, please contact us per phone or mail, and we will guide you through the process.

In addition to that you can also order EPKI directly on our website yourself by clicking here.

Where do I log into the EPKI Manager?


Please click here, if you would like to log into your EPKI Manager.

Where can I get further information?

You are welcome to contact us per phone, mail or chat, should you have any questions.

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