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What is a reseller solution?
How does Secorio’s reseller solution work?
What are the advantages of Secorio’s reseller solution?
Who can profit from Secorio’s reseller solution?
How can I test a certificate from Secorio?
How do I order Secorio's reseller solution?
Where do I log into the EPKI Manager?
Where can I get further information?

What is a reseller solution?


If you have one or several customers looking to implement SSL certificates now or in the future, it would be a good idea to consider easing the administration of these certificates. For this purpose, Secorio offers an SSL reseller solution that allows you in a quick, easy and cost effective way to order fully authenticated SSL certificates, accepted by virtually all browsers worldwide. 

As an ISP with Secorio’s reseller solution, you appoint an administrator who via a web based console orders SSL and Code Signing Certificates within minutes at a discounted price.

How does Secorio’s reseller solution work?

When ordering the reseller solution, your organisation will need to register on our website. During this process you provide us with details about your organisation and you choose for which amount you would like to purchase certificates for your customers. We then authenticate the provided information and grant the administrator access to the tool.

In the web based Control Center you can order the wanted certificates with the desired validity period within minutes, without having any contact to Secorio at all. You also have the possibility of letting your customers order the certificates themselves. For this purpose you will receive specific URLs for the products. 

We do the authentication of every certificate. Normally, it takes less than one work day to issue the certificates; however, when urgency is needed, we will be able to issue the certificates quicker. 

What are the advantages of Secorio’s reseller solution?


With the reseller solution from Secorio, you can order a wide range of SSL certificates (new ones as well as renewals) with one single interface. Due to the flexible deposit system, you will not have to decide upfront which and how many certificates you would like to buy. You can choose between various SSL certificates from our broad portfolio including Extended Validation Certificates, Wildcard Certificates, Premium SGC Certificates and Mobile SSL Certificates as well as Code Signing Certificates.

The price of the certificates depends on the size of the deposit, but in any case it is cheaper ordering certificates with the reseller solution than purchasing single certificates. It is therefore possible to offer your customers fully functional SSL certificates at a competitive price and at the same time obtain generous margins.

We do the authentication and the technical support whilst you focus on selling the certificates.

Furthermore, you get a dedicated Account Manager what guarantees an effective communication and a high level of consultancy. First class technical support is included with the reseller solution throughout the validity period of the certificates (phone, e-mail, live chat and web).

Who can profit from Secorio’s reseller solution?


Companies whose customers are looking to implement at least two SSL certificates in total can profit from the advantages of Secorio’s reseller solution. In addition, the solution is also interesting for companies that are already in the position of a reseller solution from another CA and that would like to save up more than 50% or that wish to gain better margins. 

How can I test a certificate from Secorio?


Please contact us if you are interested in testing a fully functional and validated SSL certificate for free for 30 days.

How do I order Secorio's reseller solution?


Do you wish to order our reseller solution, please contact us per phone or mail, and we will guide you through the process.

Where do I log into the EPKI Manager?


Please click here, if you would like to log into your EPKI Manager.

Where can I get further information?


You are welcome to contact us per phone, mail or chat, should you have any questions.

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