Financial institutions are the most commonly targeted online targets. Financial institutions are vital for individuals and businesses of all types. It is important that online systems are protected against security breaches. Secorio offers a variety of security services that are tailored to the needs of financial institutions.


Online financial service providers can use suitable SSL solutions to combat phishing, increase customer protection and improve the use of online services. Extended Validation (EV) SSL offers maximum protection against phishing.

With EV SSL, an essential part of your strategy is to protect your assets, customers, employees and partners from the numerous potential social engineering attacks commonly referred to as phishing or spear phishing. Browsers who access pages that are protected by EV SSL certificates display the company's address bar next to the URL (often referred to as the "green address bar" because most browsers display the company name in green).

This way, visitors get the information they need to differentiate between your real websites and the otherwise perfect counterfeits. Extended Validation SSL is the only way to place an inviolable proof of identity in the browser interface. By giving visitors this important clue, you can significantly compromise criminals' ability to abuse your brand through phishing techniques such as the following:

  • Attacks on account takeovers
  • Spear phishing of employees and ecosystem partners
  • Theft from PII
  • Theft of credit card information
  • Data mining for complex social engineering attacks


94% of internet users fear that their identity will be stolen online and 90% fear that their financial accounts will be compromised.

Research has shown that the presence of the company's EV address bar increases the likelihood that visitors will use online services and their confidence in the company that displays them.

When visiting a website with a brand EV address bar, customers report the following answers:

  • 53% see it as a safe location for doing business.
  • 50% are more likely to share personal information.
  • 43% tend to open a new account
  • 38% are more willing to fill in and submit an online form


EV SSL is considered best practice for all types of online finance companies, including:

  • Private and corporate customer
  • credit unions / credit bank
  • Securities Trading
  • insurance
  • trust company
  • asset management

Increase visitor trust and use of online services with TLS / SSL certificates.


Sectigo Certificate Manager

Discover, deploy, and manage certificates on your network in a single, convenient, web-based console. Sectigo Certificate Manager recognizes both private and public certificates from all sources in your network and enables their lifecycle management, replacement and renewal through a single, easy-to-use user interface.

Sectigo Certificate Manager improves your security and availability as an indispensable tool to protect against

  • System failures due to an unexpected certificate expiration
  • Compliance gaps
  • Use of incorrect or unapproved certificates
  • Possible data breaches