A digital signature uses a secure digital key that confirms the identity of the author of a digital message or digital document.

Document signing certificates ensures trusted authentication for electronically transmitted documents through validation of author and document. Digital certificates gives the customer the certainty that the documents received are from the recognized source and not falsified or manipulated.

With Secorio's Adobe Document Signing Certificates, organizations can secure Adobe documents with digital signatures.

The certification comes from Adobe Certified Document Services (CDS) or the certification authorities that are members of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL). The certification confirms that the signer has been audited by Adobe for compliance and that the certificate is placed on the protected hardware.

Secorio offers a range of features for digital signatures at competitive prices.

  • Compatibility with Adobe products (AATL Program)

  • time-unlimited signatures

    Signed documents remain validly signed throughout their lifetime

  • desired duration

    Signing certificates are available for one, two or three years

  • automatic verification

    The certificate of signed documents is automatically checked when opened

  • time stamp

    Signed documents contains a timestamp indicating when the document was signed

  • most modern signature technology

    SHA-2 signing and 2048-bit encryption ensures maximum security and compatibility

Supported file formats

Document signing certificates can be used on any platform that trusts the Secorio root certificate. Most PDF file formats are supported, including Adobe PDF.

Document signing certificates can be ordered for any valid e-mail address. There are two types of document signing certificates:

  • Document signing certificate showing the name of a person
  • Document signing certificate showing the name of an organization

Key Features

• unlimited number of signatures
• iKey USB token
• displays the signature of the organization, department or group
• Adobe Approved Trust List Member
• FIPS compliant

Document signing for individuals

The code signature guarantees customers that the downloaded file is from the publisher specified on the certificate.
from EUR 382
no VAT for EU companies
  • - AATL certified
  • - unlimited number of signatures
  • - Validation of name & e-mail address
  • - FIPS validated software

Document Signing for Companys

Offers all the benefits of code signing for maximum security and customer confidence
from EUR 498
no VAT for EU companies
  • - AATL certified
  • - unlimited number of signatures
  • - including extended organization exam
  • - FIPS validated software

What you need to know before placing an order

Requests for Secorio Certificates are subject to strict validation procedures. Validation is an important part of the certificate issuance process. This ensures a secure and trustworthy digital document exchange.

The following information is checked with each order:

• The identity of the organization and the contact who has signed the document signing certificate request
• The address of the organization
• That the organization has approved the issuance of the certificate

All validation steps are performed by Secorio in collaboration with the issuing CA. You only need to reply to our emails and sign requested documents.
angeforderten Unterlagen zu unterzeichnen und retournieren.

FAQs about PDF eSign / digital signing certificates

What requirements do I have to meet to receive a PDF Signing Certificate?

To use the Document Signing Certificate, you need a PDF product that supports digital signatures.

How does the validation process work?

The certificate requester from your company will be contacted by Secorio and must complete the following steps:

1. Confirm the existence of the organization.
2. Confirm that the contact person specified in the request has permission to represent the organization.

The Secorio validation department checks the existence of your company.

When a certificate request is received from an organization, Secorio checks:

• Existence, address and reliable communication method of the organization.

• That the contact person of the specified organization is employed at the organization or is authorized to request signature certificates on behalf of the organization.
• That the organization operates at a verifiable address

In addition to the organization validation, a person validation is carried out. This includes face-to-face validation via ID card.

How long does it take before I receive my PDF certificate?

Our goal is to complete your order as soon as possible in compliance with the validation standards. However, to ensure the integrity of the certificate, Secorio only issues certificates that has passed the strict validation.

After submitting the required documents, Secorio will review the organization and the identity of the contact. This validation process can take 1 to 5 business days. You will be notified by email when the validation process is complete. Once the certificate is issued, it will be installed on a USB token and sent to you. The arrival time depends on your location and shipping methods. You will receive tracking information by e-mail. Therefore please note it can take more than 7 working days before you receive your ready-to-use certificate.

How do I receive my Document Signing Certificate?

Document signing certificates are stored on secure USB tokens certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or higher. This level of security prevents unauthorized access to or unauthorized use of the certificates private key. Once the certificate request is completed, the USB token will be mailed to you and you will receive an access PIN by e-mail.

How do I configure the token using my computer/laptop?

Installing certificates is straightforward and does not require any increased permissions.

Insert the USB smart card token with the certificate in the USB port on your computer. With the Document Signing Certificate, you can now digitally sign and verify documents.

Please note: Never lose your PIN since it is tied to the USB token. The USB token is locked after the 15th time entering an incorrect PIN.
If the PIN is lost or the USB token is locked, you will not be able to retrieve or use the certificate. You would need to purchase a new signature certificate in this case - unfortunately. Secorio cannot provide any refund or free re-issue of certificates in case of lost or blocked tokens.



You are not satisfied with your current provider, or you would like a price comparison with your current provider? We would be pleased to send you an individual offer.

  • unlimited signature

    The number of signatures of PDF documents is unlimited. You would like to sign 100 documents per day? No problem - our certificates have no limits

  • simple application

    All you need to do is enter your PIN to sign a PDF document, and your document is provided with a qualified and trustworthy signature