With our webhost reseller program, you can also share the benefits and efficiency of our certificates with your own customers.

We work with all industries, including resellers, web hosting providers, domain registrars, security specialists, managed services providers, and others to provide Web site security solutions for large and small customers. With dedicated account management and partner technical support, you are able to deliver proven technology and expertise to your customers. Our webhost reseller program offers you the unique opportunity to integrate Secorios range of SSL products into your own product range / offers.

With our prepayment system, you can conveniently deposit money and quickly and easily start purchasing SSL Certificates.

  • Issue all types of certificates

    The Webhost Reseller program provides access to the issuance of all types of certificates, including Extended Validation (EV) SSL. Certificates can be issued for you as well as for your customers.

  • Intuitive management interface

    The intuitive management interface lets you add additional users and set permissions in detail, generate reports on certificates with expiration dates, etc., view the status of incomplete orders, add credit to credit cards, and more.

  • Fast issuance of certificates

    The Secorios Platinum Partner Status with Sectigo and Registration Authority (RA) guarantees the rapid issuance of certificates ordered through your webhost reseller account:
    • Domain Validated (DV) SSL: Sofortige Ausstellung
    • Organisationsvalidiertes (OV) SSL: Wird innerhalb von 2 Stunden ausgestellt
    • Extended Validation (EV) SSL: issued within 1 business day

  • Credit does not expire

    It is always possible to deposit funds of your choice into your account. The credit never expires. On request it is possible to request a charge from us and then receive an invoice.

    All our certificates and solutions can be tested for 30 days without obligation.

The success of your customers depends on the digital security solutions you offer. And with a partnership between you and Secorio, you'll have access to a wide range of benefits, on-demand training, certifications, and a comprehensive portfolio that will bring you and your team the next success.

From web hosting and managed service or from IT service providers, we offer you as partners a range of security solutions for websites or digital signatures.

Our dedicated technical support helps you and your customers with the daily use of digital certificates - you have everything you need to deliver proven technology and valued expertise to your customers.


All certificates issued through our web-based Webhost Reseller solution are validated and issued by a dedicated validation team. Additional certificates can be purchased quickly through the Managed solution, ensuring that new web servers or customer web pages are secured and encrypted within a short time.

  • Realize competitive margins

    Sell ​​our certificates to your customers and get a profit margin. Partnering with Secorio gives you access to a range of benefits, including cost-effective certificates, dedicated technical support and market-leading innovation.

  • Fast issuance of certificates

    The Secorios Status as Registration Authority (RA) and "Platinum Partner" at Sectigo ensures the fast and easy ordering of certificates for your own use and for your customers.

  • Central management of certificates

    With the Web Host Reseller Solution, you can manage all of your own and your customers' certificates through a single web-based console.

  • Report and certificate management features

    Advanced User Management allows you to create new subusers with detailed permissions for output, revocation, and reporting.

Web Host Reseller


Make an appointment with our team to find out how we can fulfill your wishes.

  • benefits

    Share the benefits and cost-effectiveness of Secorio SSL and TrustLogo with your own customers.

  • optimal customer solutions

    Together with you, we will determine the appropriate certificates to simplify the overview of digital certificates for you and your customers.

  • entire certificate portfolio

    With the WebHost Reseller Account you can order, manage or replicate SSL, S / MIME, PDF as well as Code Signing Certificates with just a few clicks.