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  • Administration of your digital certificates

    Managing Different Types of Digital Certificates: For large and small businesses, issuing and managing digital certificates can be a time-consuming challenge.

  • Automation of processes

    Distracting Business Priorities: Our typical customer does not want to be distracted by managing digital certificates that do not add value to their customers.

  • Trust in the online world

    Strengthen and maintain the trust of Internet users: Trust is the new currency of the Internet. Digital certificates are an important measure to increase the confidence in your company and your brand.

Protect data, protect transactions, and drive customer trust with our comprehensive digital certificate solutions and options. The right solution helps you reduce the time and expense of renewing and managing your digital certificates.

innovative solutions for the efficient administration of digital certificates

why Secorio


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    Effective communication

    Your direct contact person will provide you with quick and easy-to-understand information in your language. We make certificates easy and understandable.

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    Secorio has been one of Europes leading digital certificate providers for more than 15 years, with over 86,000 issued certificates. Certificates are our core business.

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    Expert in your industry

    With our expertise and experience, we serve customers from diverse industries such as healthcare, finance, industry or technology, and can be your partner for security solutions.

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    Service and Support

    With all our products and solutions you are assured service and support throughout the entire product life time.

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    All from one hand

    Secorio's broad certificate services cover all needs in terms of certificates. Seeking single certificates or maximum automation for a larger volume of certificates - we have the right solution!

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    100% satisfaction

    Our targeted advice, the offer of a non-binding test, our technical support and the 30-day right of withdrawal guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Avoid unnecessary administrative work and work with the world's leading management solutions. Discover our company

How it works


Please contact us on +41 41 514 31 31, or submit the form opposite - your new contact person will contact you.

  • Choose your certificate

    We work with you to find out which certificates are the best fit and how we can simplify your overview of your digital certificates.

  • Certificates within a few minutes

    Thanks to automated processes within Secorio AG, certificates are issued in a matter of minutes, depending on the degree of validation. New managed solutions are ready within a working day.