92% of internet users fear that their credit cards will be stolen online. Research has shown that the presence of this branded address bar (often referred to as the “green address bar” because most browsers highlight your company's name in green) increases consumer confidence in online businesses and therefore in transactions.


Adhere to the payment providers you rely on.

Not all online merchants know that EV SSL is an important part of the policies that their companies have established that allow them to collect payments online.


Retailers and B2B e-commerce companies can improve the performance of online shops by making smart decisions about SSL certificates. Online sellers should use EV-SSL certificates on all publicly available websites to maximize transaction rates, positive branding, compliance and SEO.

Extended validation SSL for maximum online sales –> EV SSL: Your key to maximizing online trust

EV SSL is an effective tool to make your online business trustworthy so that visitors are ready to make transactions or exchange confidential information online. When you place an EV SSL certificate on your website, popular browsers insert your company name directly into their user interface next to the address bar.


Always-on-SSL (AOSSL) zum Vermeiden von Browser-Warnmeldungen und Optimieren der Suchmaschinenoptimierung.

Every company site is recommended to secure each page with SSL certificates for two reasons.

  • Google Chrome issues a "Not Secure" warning on EVERY page without SSL, regardless of whether the page is carrying out transactions or providing personal information. Security warnings can reduce engagement and transactions on the website. To avoid these warnings, sites should use Always-on SSL (AOSSL) by using https for all pages on all sites.
  • Popular search engines give pages with SSL a better search ranking, regardless of whether they make transactions or share personal information.