Industry: Healthcare

Regulations: HIN (CH), HIPAA & HITECH (EU & USA)
For healthcare professionals in Switzerland, HIN is the standard for secure communication. HIN guarantees trustworthy handling of patient data because integral data and information security has been our core competence since 1996.

HIIPAA, also known as the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, mandates that all healthcare companies adhere to strict rules designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of patient information.

HIPAA requires that entities take appropriate precautions to protect information from foreseeable threats or threats and from unauthorized use or disclosure. Failure to comply with these regulations has serious civil and criminal penalties.

Penalties for violating patient data confidentiality standards can result in fines of up to $ 25,000 and, in individual cases, prison terms.

Supported services: SSL, SMIME, code signing

Supported solutions: Certificate Manager & EPKI


Many important regulations, including HIPAA and HITECH, require companies to take measures to protect the personal information of patients and employees from theft.

94% of internet users fear that their identity will be stolen online and 83% fear that their personal health information will be stolen. Research has shown that the presence of the company's EV address bar increases the likelihood that visitors will use online services and their confidence in the company that displays them.

When visiting a website with a brand EV address bar, customers report the following answers:

  • 53% see it as a safe location for doing business.
  • 50% are more likely to share personal information.
  • 43% tend to open a new account
  • 38% are more willing to fill in and submit an online form

product solution

Healthcare and life sciences companies can combat phishing, improve consumer protection, and improve the use of online services by targeting SSL certificates. Advanced validation SSL to maximize protection against phishing.

EV SSL is an essential part of your strategy to protect your website, customer, employee and partner data from the numerous potential social engineering attacks commonly referred to as phishing or spear phishing. Browsers that access pages that are protected by EV SSL certificates display the company name next to the URL (often referred to as the "green address bar" because most browsers display the company name in green). This way, visitors get the information they need to differentiate between your real websites and the otherwise perfect counterfeits. Extended Validation SSL is the only way to place an inviolable proof of identity in the browser interface.

By giving visitors this important clue, you can significantly reduce the ability of criminals to abuse your brand through phishing techniques Potential damages:

  • Attacks on account takeovers
  • Spear phishing of employees and ecosystem partners
  • Theft of PII or PHI
  • Theft of credit card information
  • Data mining to enable complex social engineering attacks

Increase visitor confidence and use of online services while complying with the GDPR / GDPR guidelines. EV SSL offers the greatest possible protection, if it is regarded as the standard by healthcare providers and other companies that work with extremely valuable and sensitive data.

Protect your website with the trustworthy high assurance EV SSL certificate.

management solution

Secorio Certificate Manager

Detect, deploy, and manage certificates on your network in a single, convenient, web-based software. Secorio Certificate Manager recognizes both private and trustworthy, public certificates from all sources in your network and enables their lifecycle management, replacement and renewal via a single, simple platform. The Secorio Certificate Manager improves your security and availability as an indispensable tool for protection against

  • System failures due to an unexpected certificate expiration
  • Compliance gaps
  • Use of incorrect or unapproved certificates
  • Possible data breaches

Free yourself from the complex processes for managing your certificates and let your solution automate your process.