Any Internet transaction between the two parties has the risk to be intercepted, viewed, corrupted or modified by a third party. Using Secorio's Code Signing, developers adds an additional layer of security.

Code signing certificates digitally sign applications and software programs. This allows the source of the file to be checked, and verifies that it is original.

This is particularly important for publishers who sell their software through third-party download sites on which thy have no influence. Leading operating systems displays an error message to the end user if the software to be installed is not signed by a trusted certification authority.

  • globally recognized validation standard

    Meets CA/Browser Forum validation standards and Microsoft specifications

  • acceptance

    Applies as trusted in Windows 8.0 and higher, Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft's SmartScreen® Application Reputation Filter

  • increased protection

    Increases user confidence by showing the publisher's identity before running the application

  • additional security

    Protects the private key from theft by using hardware-Token and PIN (Extended Validation Code Signing)

  • trusted in world leading solutions

    Supports all popular 32-bit/64-bit formats, including Microsoft Authenticode (kernel and user-mode files, such as .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi, and .xap) , Adobe Air, Apple applications and plug-ins, Java, MS Office Macro and VBA, Mozilla object files, and Microsoft Silverlight applications

stoppen Sie das Abbrechen von Downloads durch die Signierung Ihres Codes – ab EUR 244 pro Jahr

Choose Extended Validation (EV) for the highest reliability

EV Code Signing Certificates offer all the benefits of standard code signing, but with additional features that enhances security and further increases customer confidence. This includes:
  • strict validation process - EV code signing certificates are issued after verifying the identity of the publisher according to the guidelines set by the CA / Browser Forum and Microsoft
  • Two Factor Authentication - Private keys are stored on an external hardware token used to sign codes. This ensures that the certificate can not be exported and used without authorization

Please note: You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows) or Mozilla Firefox (MAC) when ordering your Code Signing certificate. Code signing certificates cannot be generated using Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

Standard Code Signing

Guarantees your customers that downloaded files are integer
ab EUR 446
no VAT for EU companies
  • Validated according to CA/Browser Forum guidelines
  • Fulfillment of Microsoft specifications

EV Code Signing

Guarantees your customers that downloaded files are integer, and adds additional features for more security and confidence
from EUR 595
no VAT for EU companies
  • Validated according to CA/Browser Forum guidelines
  • Fulfillment of Microsoft specifications
  • Extended company audit
  • Two-Factor Authentication (PIN & Token) for Private Key Protection

FAQ for Code Signing Certificates

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

With Code Signing Certificates you can sign a software or code and prove that it is from you and that it is original. The Code Signing signature tells the browser who has created the software and that it was not manipulated by third parties.

These two functions are crucial for a software developer. Users fear downloads that can cause harm, and operating systems warns the user when the source is not trustworthy.

>>>>NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT<<<< How are you marked as a trusted source? How can you prevent these messages and alerts from appearing before someone tries to execute YOUR software or code?

How does a Code Signing Certificate work?

For software distributed on the Internet, it is recommended to sign it with a Code Signing Certificate. Only in this way can customers, employees and other persons be sure that the software comes from the specified publisher, and that the software was not changed after the signing. If the software has been changed after signing, a warning appears to protect the user.

Who needs a Code Signing Certificate?

Any publisher of code and content on the Internet risks it is being modified. Our Code Signing Digital IDs for Microsoft Authenticode protect users from these threats, because the user receives a warning if the software/code has been manipulated after signing

What are the features and advantages of digital code signature?

Customer trust.

Code Signing Digital ID Certificate protects your customers from compromised codes, and thus creates trust.


After downloading, end users can be sure that the code they have received is indeed from you, and that it is original. Digital IDs allows customers to identify the publisher of the digitally signed code and to contact you if they have questions or problems.

Seamless integration with industry standard technology

Most browsers will not accept action commands from downloaded code, unless the code has been signed by a certificate from a trusted certification authority.


Code Signature Certificates are easy to use together with the manufacturer's software tools which developers use to create products, macros, and objects.

What are the requirements for an EV Code Signing Certificate?

Business existence: Your company must have been registered in the commercial register for at least 3 years. If less than 3 years, the existence of the organization can be verified using another accredited database in addition, or by a certified confirmation of its existence.

Phone number:  Telephone numbers must be verified by a third-party database or an accepted online source. Before issuance the requester is called on the verified telephone number to confirm the order.

Can I apply for an OV code signing certificate as an individual?

Ja. Zusammen mit dem von uns erhältlichen Face-to-Face Dokument benötigen wir folgende Informationen für die Validierung:

A: Copy of a valid driver's license or passport of the applicant.

B: Copy of a current main care bill (eg electricity bill, water bill, etc.) or an account statement of the applicant (confidential and for us irrelevant information may be blacked out).

Please note: If the driver's license and passport do not contain the current address or if these details do not match the account, you may need to submit one of the documents under A or B.

The documents may be up to 6 months old.

Once the documents have been submitted, our validation team will do the following:

Call back to a verified phone number (to verify the applicant) found in a regional online directory of the applicant's location.

Is the number of signable applications limited?

We do not set limits for the number of applications. This means that you can use the Code Signing Certificate to sign any number of codes, provided that they are signed for the company for which the certificate was issued.

Which code signing certificates are there?