How to manage mobile devices in the PKI

Employees rely on a variety of mobile devices at work. For this reason, it has never been so important - or so difficult - to authenticate digital information and keep it secure on smartphones, tablets and other mobile endpoints in the company.

Mobile devices in your company

In order to ensure the authenticity and security of your mobile users, your security team has to consider a few things:
• Issue certificates quickly, reliably and scalably. Have them ready to replace and to renew them
• Monitor authorized users and terminate access as needed
• Encrypt and set up email identities
• View and control the entire certificate lifecycle from a single user interface

Secorio can help you with this - the Secorio Certificate Manager is a complete administration platform that automates end-to-end Life cycle management of digital certificates on a scale. It is interoperable with all leading devices, operating systems, Logs and chipsets, providing visibility and management through a single pane of glass to ensure security Administrators for simple and inexpensive monitoring of certificates throughout the company. In addition, Secorio certificate Manager supports all trust models and can be used to manage certificates issued by the Secorio public Certification Authority (CA) and from your own private PKI.

By using Secorio Certificate Manager for mobile devices, your security team can improve your company's performance. Mobile Device Management / Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM / EMM) through:
• S/MIME email encryption. Encryption and email identity setup on Apple, Android and Microsoft
Devices while removing the user load for installing certificates and keys. Zero-Touch from Secorio
Deployment automates the installation for S/MIME email certificates, ensuring that the same certificates are used
for the user's desktop and any number of mobile devices.
• Authentication via mobile browser. Improve user authentication during mobile browsing sessions.
• WLAN and VPN authentication. Improve the user experience with password-free WiFi and VPN access.
At the same time, security is improved and it is ensured that only authorized users can access your network.
• Private company PKI. Extend your Microsoft certification authority and protect non-Windows devices
the enterprise.

With Secorio Certificate Manager, your security team can easily enforce and protect cryptographic security policies Communication, Prevent data loss through unauthorized access and secure your applications for all mobile devices Equipment. With Secorio Certificate Manager, the issue and lifecycle management of all other devices can be automated Certificates across your organization for a variety of use cases, from code signature to web Server and email.

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