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How do I get my Extended Validated (EV) SSL certificate?

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Aufgrund dieses äußerst vertrauenswürdigen Authentifizierungsprozesses wird in Browsern die «Markenadressleiste» angezeigt, die den überprüften Markennamen des Unternehmens enthält, das diese Site neben der URL oben in der Browseroberfläche betreibt. Der Firmenname in der markenbezogenen Adressleiste zeigt an, dass die Identität dieses Website-Betreibers vertrauenswürdig ist, und zeigt die spezifische Identität des Unternehmens an, das die Website betreibt.

You want the highest level of validation ... Good for you !! The rules for issuing electric vehicles are in most cases the same for all certification bodies. This is due to the CA / B forum (Certificate Authority and Browser). The CA / B forum is the supervisory authority of the CA, which is operated by the certification bodies and the web browsers. They ensure that SSL certificates interact and behave the same in all browsers. Basic requirements apply to all EV certificates.

Domain Ownership / Authentication
Organization authentication
Operational Existence
Certificate Request Form and Subscriber Agreement
Physical address
Final verification call

The more accurate the information when creating the order ... the the certificate will be issued faster. Remember, we have to confirm that the organization is REAL !! Therefore, we need to have accurate, verifiable information, such as the organization's phone number ( NOT the cell phone or phone line) that is in legitimate online databases ( not on the company's website ) You can find the address of the head office, the full name of the organization ( NOT DBA) or acronyms ) etc. By completing and submitting the EV documents (subscription contract and certificate request form) in good time, the Exhibition time significantly reduced.

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