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What is a mobile SSL certificate?

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Today you can not only go online with your web browser, but also with mobile devices. Many companies take advantage of this opportunity and offer e.g. employees have access to webmail via mobile devices.

In the mobile units there is a browser, which is most often either Symbian or Windows Mobile 5.0 / Windows Mobile 6.0. Secorios Mobile SSL Certificates are 100% compatible with Symbian, Windows Mobile 6.0 and even with Windows Mobile 5.0. With a Mobile SSL certificate from Secorio, you will have no problems with communication and encryption between mobile devices and servers. Of course, the Mobile SSL certificate is also compatible with more than 99.3% of all web browsers.

What level of encryption can you achieve with a Mobile SSL certificate?

The encryption strength of the Mobile SSL certificate corresponds to the encryption strength of the normal standard certificate. A encryption of at least 128 bit can be achieved with new web browsers and new operating systems, whereas encryption with older 40-bit web browsers and Windows 2000 without Service Pack 1 is limited to 50/56 bit. With a mobile browser you can always achieve a minimum encryption of 128 bit.

How can I test a mobile SSL certificate?

It is not possible to test a mobile SSL certificate. However, you have the option to test a fully authenticated and functional standard certificate for 30 days. Please contact us . And by the way, buyers of a certificate can claim the 30-day right of withdrawal in any case

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